Posted on: January 11, 2009 12:04 am

NCAA Football Champion

Concerning the NCAA Football National Championship

I love college football.  Any given Saturday from September through December you would likely find me in my recliner watching every game I am able to.  But I think it is impossible to name a champion in this sport.

There are way too many teams playing too few games against a wide disparity of competition.  Some conferences have very little depth making some teams look better than they really are such as the PAC 10 and Big 10.  Some teams are not in conferences and/or play weak schedules such as Notre Dame.  Because of this it makes it hard to evaluate who the elite teams are.

Would a playoff be a better way than the BCS to determine a national champion?  Not likely.  One would still have to determine which teams should be in the playoffs.  The same reasons the BCS can't decide who a real national champion is  would apply here also.  And a playoff would probably cut into college football regular season schedule.  It could also lead to more teams playing lower quality teams to maintain a high number of wins. 

So what do you do?  Watch the games and make your own opinion.  Nobody has to take the determination of coputer geeks or talking heads as law.

If you read this far you may be wondering who my national champion would be.  Utah.  I'm not a Ute fan (I'm a volunteer all the way and think the SEC is the best conference in football), but I think an undefeated team that played a quality schedule deserves it. 

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